Diving Bali Nusa Dua: A Comprehensive Guide

Martaka Hidayat

Bali is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts, offering a variety of outdoor activities for visitors from all over the world. One of the most popular activities in Bali is diving, and Nusa Dua is quickly becoming one of the best destinations for diving enthusiasts. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about diving in Bali Nusa Dua, from the best dive sites to the best time to dive.

Why Dive in Bali Nusa Dua?

Bali Nusa Dua is widely regarded as the gateway to some of the most enchanting dive sites in Bali. The pristine waters around Nusa Dua offer exceptional visibility, making it a perfect location for underwater explorations. The variety of marine life is vast, with thousands of species to be found in the region. From small, colorful clownfish to the majestic manta rays and reef sharks, Bali Nusa Dua is a true paradise for diving enthusiasts.

Best Dive Sites in Bali Nusa Dua

Wreck diving is a popular type of diving in Bali Nusa Dua, with several fascinating wrecks to explore. Here are some of the most popular dive sites:

USAT Liberty Shipwreck

The USAT Liberty was a US Army cargo vessel which sank off the coast of Bali during World War II. It is one of the most popular dive sites in Bali Nusa Dua, with excellent visibility and abundant marine life. It is home to a variety of marine species, including barracudas, jackfish, and pygmy seahorses.

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Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay is a beautiful dive site, known for its crystal-clear waters and a white sandy bottom. It is an excellent location for spotting manta rays and reef sharks.

Manta Point

Manta Point is a must-visit location for manta ray enthusiasts. This dive site is home to a large population of manta rays and offers excellent opportunities for close encounters with these majestic creatures.

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is perfect for beginner divers, with a shallow reef and calm waters. The reef is home to a variety of colorful fish and coral species and is a perfect location for underwater photography.

Best Time to Dive in Bali Nusa Dua

Bali Nusa Dua offers year-round diving opportunities, but the best time to visit is from April to November. During this time, the weather is dry, and the sea conditions are calm, providing excellent visibility for divers. The water temperature ranges between 26-30°C (78-86°F), making it perfect for diving.

How to Prepare for Diving in Bali Nusa Dua

Before diving in Bali Nusa Dua, it is important to ensure that you are physically fit to dive. Scuba diving requires a certain level of physical fitness, and you should consult a doctor before attempting to dive if you have any health concerns. You should also ensure that you have the necessary certification and have completed the appropriate training courses.


Diving Bali Nusa Dua offers a unique underwater experience that is not to be missed. With its wealth of marine life, stunning dive sites, and excellent visibility, Bali Nusa Dua is quickly becoming the must-visit destination for diving enthusiasts. So, pack your bags, grab your dive gear, and head to Bali Nusa Dua for an unforgettable diving experience. Happy diving!

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