Kuliner di jalan jemursari surabaya

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Bean Arabica Gold (200 Gr) Enjoy a pleasant cup of smooth coffee with tingling sensation of citrus kick, sweet floral and teasing spices aroma

Rp 64.000

Bean Classic (200 Gr) A long-time favorite blends with awakening kick of citrus fruit, with sweet caramel and a hint of refreshing floral note.

Rp 64.000

Bean Java Arabica (200 Gr) For those who seek full-bodied coffe with intense dark chocolate note. A bittersweet finish with nutty undertone

Rp 75.000

Bean Kalosi Toraja (200 Gr) Proudest beans from our plantation. Indulge with crispy-fruity bite at the side of tounge, and hint of sweetnees towards the end

Rp 101.000

Bean Robusta Gold (200 Gr) A mild-bodied coffee starts with peanut and cereal note, ends with a nice cocoa note that makes you looking for more

Rp 43.200

Bean Sumatera Mandheling (200 Gr) One of Indonesia proudest coffee with boldness of refreshing citrus fruit, spices, earthy note and velvety body

Rp 82.700

Powder Brazillian Santos (200 gr) Experience original taste from one of well known coffee in the world. Strong body with dried fruit and good smoky fininsh, Available : Powder only

Rp 72.000

Bean House Blend (200 Gr) For those who love balance coffee. Spicy, floral and tantalizing dried fruit in harmony, Simply enjoyable

Rp 68.000

Bean Jamaican Blue Mountain (200 Gr) One of the world’s most expensive and highly-regarded coffee, known as being carefully hand-picked and hand-washed, Crips, floral, light-bodied with tangy after taste

Rp 335.000

Powder Luwak Toraja (200 gr) This specially cared Luwak from our plantation produced full-bodied coffee. Aromatic spice, fruity sensations and unique notes of exotic Luwak coffee. Available. Powder only

Rp 434.000