Taman doa regina rosari cirebon

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I visit this hotel with my friends in 29th-31st October. The hotel has a very strategic location at the center of the town so getting anywhere was pretty easy. For a Budget Hotel it’s a decent one. Check in and check out was easy and fast. We arrived earlier so we decided to spend some time smoking outside while waiting for our rooms. There’s a security personel that greeted us and offered to arrange some table and seats for us, I personally thought that it’s a very nice gesture from the staff. He was also the one that helped us carried our luggage to our rooms. The hotel was practicing covid protocol so anyone without face mask was not allowed to go in. Hand sanitizer was provided at the receptionist and at elevator entrance. Water for drinks was provided in each room, and the room was clean. The Wifi connection was good+fast and available throughout the hotel area. There’s a water dispenser cold/hot in each floor near the elevator. Bathroom was also clean, towel, toothbrush, and haircap was also available. But there’s several things needed to be improved such as the towel was stained I think the hotel needed to replace them, and the drinking glass was dusty so we didn’t use it, instead better to drink straight from the water bottle. The bathroom in our rooms didn’t have any exhaust, we were wondering why. We also stayed in smoking room, so without at least a bathroom exhaust and without any windows that can be opened its a bad idea to have a smoking rooms. In these covid times the hotel probably had less staff to operate at their best, but there was one staff here that caught our attention, it was that earlier security personel Tri Mulyono. He greeted the guest, helped carrying their luggage to the room, helped finding car lot, even act as a valet, and we remembered he was the one arranging table and chair for us earlier in front of the lobby. He was the most busy staff we seen in this hotel. And although he was so busy at that time, he still served the guests with a big smile and very friendly. We asked several things and direction to him and were given a good suggestions to where we can find our needs. The hotel was lucky to have him. Breakfast taste was average, sometimes the food ran out before they finished preparing the new one, and the dessert usually already gone when we came down for breakfast. There was a time when the spoon and plates were all gone and causes the guests to wait. And there’s this strange nasi goreng which they didn’t put it along with the other menu. The nasi goreng was being handled by a staff behind a table with a high partition making it impossible to be seen by the guests, I can’t even see if there was a stove+pan+someone was cooking something behind that table partition. Many other guests that had just found out about it from other guest immediately ordered it. The lack of staff was also felt when the guest leave their table, no one immediately clean it, no one spray any disinfectant for the tables. T

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